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Raw Vegan Road Trip Part II

Click here to read Part I of the Raw Vegan Road Trip

Equipped with a few Lara bars and goji berries, I was ready to fly. My itinerary was a one-hour flight, and brief stopover, and then a short 25-minute flight. I had a nice big salad for lunch before leaving the house, so wasn’t really too hungry during my travel time. Once I was through security I bought a bottled water, which I sipped on occasionally. I tried a few goji berries while waiting for my connecting flight, but found them a bit dry and bitter, so gave up on them for another time.

By the time I got to my hotel and got unpacked I was pretty darn hungry. Unfortunately for me it was eight o’clock at night on a Sunday, so no grocery stores were open! I decided to try my luck at the Italian restaurant in my hotel; after all, isn’t the mediteranean diet heavily based on fruits and veggies? Well, something got lost in translation I guess because the menu was heavy with cheese and meat. I considered the greek salad; but because I’m on a budget I went for the veggie platter from the appetizer menu. I asked to switch out the ranch dressing for just olive oil and vinegar and they were happy to do it. The platter itself was a good size, probably six cups of veggies at least, and it was all very fresh. I went back to my room full and happy.

Here’s what I spent my first day:

  • bottled water: $2
  • veggie platter: $7
  • Total: $9

Part III will be my first full day. Will I find a grocery store? Will I make it through the seminars? Stay tuned!

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Crafty Vegan: Make a Reusable Grocery Bag

I know what you’re thinking, “Vegan AND crafty, this girl does it all!”. Yeah, I’m a regular Martha Stewart, LOL.

My grocery co-op promotes shoppers to use reusable grocery bags instead of plastic. They sell bags for $2.99, but there is a lot I don’t like about them. First, they are ugly. We all want to look fabulous when we buy groceries, don’t we? Second, they don’t have flat bottoms so they fall over a lot and it’s hard to get things to sit right in them. Third, the handles don’t have a lot of stitching on them, so I worry about breakage. My bag pattern makes a very attractive, strong bag that will sit flat.

If you have an old set of curtains or an old bedsheet, give this bag a try.

Click here for my step-by-step bag making tutorial!

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Blog Makeover

I spiffed up my blog design a bit, hope you like it! I’m working on a BIG BIG post, so stay tuned!

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My Parents Were Hippies

That title might have been misleading. I didn’t grow up in a commune without electricty. My parents, as I remember them growing up, were just normal parents. My parents were both college educated, hard-working people of the upper middle class. Apparently they were hippies before I was born. Mom backpacked across Europe with a friend when she graduated from college, then years later met my dad (who had just finished his Bachelor of Arts, major in Philosophy). When they got married, my parents were vegetarian yoga fanatics. Even their wedding reception was entirely vegetarian. Their first honeymoon was to Greece, pretty normal. Their second honeymoon was a yoga retreat in the Bahamas.

The tranquil days of downward-facing-dog were soon to be shattered by my arrival. With a new baby to take care of, the yoga took a back-seat to diaper changes. They claim I was also the downfall of their vegetarian-ism; the vegetarian food made me too gassy.

So I grew up on fish-sticks and french fries like every other kid in my neighborhood, but somehow I was always a big different. I’ve always had an eager passion for environmental causes, and going vegetarian seemed like a no-brainer when I turned fifteen. Maybe I picked up some of that crunchy granolaness in the womb, who knows?

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